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Super Drought Cause for Super Annoyance

Jimmy Archer
Staff Writer

As known to all members of California, the state is about as dry as an overcooked piece of chicken. Restrictions are already being put on water usage, with the consequence of fines for not complying. The state has been no stranger to sporadic weather, for it always seems one day it has the characteristics of mid summer, and the next, there are rain showers. Still despite past experiences, this drought is the worst the state has ever seen. California’s planting is a definite target for suffering from the drought, so the lack of water for use could certainly hurt their production. Of course with low agriculture production, it will also affect the economy of California. Many people look at the drought as something merely affecting only their personal lives, but the range of affect such a drought could have is much more extensive, only making the reality of the situation that much worse. The drought isn’t necessarily going to be stopped merely by conservation of water, but if the people of California do make effort to save water, it could prove very helpful for the state. The state of course has had a history of not gaining much water, and it has such a large population’s thirst to quench.  Nevertheless, the citizens of California should recognize the true hardships of the current drought, and do their best to conserve water.