FX Original Series: Justified

Katherine Sotelo
Staff Writer

In Justified, Raylan has been hunting for Boyd before he hurts anyone else. For those Who don’t watch Justified, Raylan is the main character that is that works in the law enforcement, Boyd is a violent criminal that Raylan has been waiting to lock up for the longest time.

With the last episode, Winona was running from Boyd attempting to leave the city. Winona ditched Raylan to buy a getaway car with belief that her life is in jepaordy. Meanwhile, Raylan was searching for Winona thinking that she might be in danger at that moment.

Raylan is that major workaholic type of guy, but takes a break in the upcoming episode to help take care of Winona and his daughter in belief that she has a heart murmur.

 Winona travels back to town to find a trustworthy doctor for her baby girl, causing Raylan to be a father for a minimum time. While Raylan takes time off for his family, Brooks calls a HUGE manhunt for Walker. Winona has been a single mom for a little bit and has not absent in the show for about a season, so we have not gotten the reaction and feel of Winona at this stage. With Winona and their baby girl coming back to town there is belief that they might be in danger with how many people would like to get back at Raylan for his work.

 In this show they really don’t show his emotions, love life, or how he is as a father. To bring back his daughter and the mother will test Raylan as a father and partner. (www.ew.com)


Divine Dwarves: Humble Dogs in High Places

Mary Bawolski
Ads Editor


The Welsh corgi, which comes in 2 separate breeds (Pembroke and Cardigan) is a protective, loyal, and friendly pet. The origin of the corgi’s name is derived from “cor” meaning dwarf and “gi” meaning dog. These qualities of the stumpy round pup have made it rise to fame and fortune.

According to Welsh Legend, the patterns on a corgi’s fur are the imprints of saddles used by fairy warriors riding the trusty steeds. Legend has it that two royal children discovered a pair of corgis that they assumed to be foxes while they were tending cattle. Being friendly, herding dogs, the children were able to bring the corgis home to show their family. The children claimed that the puppies were a gift from the fairies. The corgis were trained to herd the royal cattle and lived peacefully along with the family.

Continuing its royal reputation, corgis skedaddled into Britain’s royal family in 1933. Queen Elizabeth was first given a corgi in 1933, called Dookie. Throughout the years the family has acquired corgis including; but not limited to: Jane, Crackers, and Susan, (who accompanied her majesty on her honeymoon in 1947.)  Unfortunately, the mighty reign of their “shortness” in the royal family is coming to an end. Recently the Queen has expressed her concern of tripping over her dogs and hurting herself. An unidentified royal court member has stated that she “worries about too many dogs around her feet and that she will hurt herself badly.” Deceased corgis will no longer be replaced.

The shift of fame may be puttering its way to the United States, specifically California. In 2010,  California governor Jerry Brown introduced “California’s First Dog,” as Sutter, a Welsh corgi named after a pioneer who established one of Sacramento’s first settlements. Sutter was given to Jerry Brown by his sister, a former state treasurer.  The chestnut fuzz ball has received support on social media such as his Facebook page (Sutter Brown) as well as on Twitter (@sutterbrown).

The fame of this breed is rising despite its own height. This fairy-transporting steed is the best dog, paws down.

Does Color Really Matter?

Meredith Young
Staff Writer


As most know, recently a picture of a dress which appears different colors to various people has been released.  Some see the dress as white and gold, others see it as blue and black, or even blue and gold.  It has been confirmed that the actual dress is blue and black, but some evidence shows otherwise.

Many conspiracies have come out about this picture.  Was it created by ISIS to break out fights among people to destroy the US?  Could it be a social experiment created by our government?  When scientists googled the dress, it showed up on foreign websites and could not be translated out of Russian by Google Translate.  This led to more questions about the dress.  Was it created by Russia to distract the U.S. from something they were plotting?   Who made this dress in the first place?  Some have said that there is a UV light over the picture causing it to look different in people’s eyes, but there are too many factors contradicting this statement.

It was confirmed that the real dress was blue and black, but how would one explain why a photo of two girls was released, both in each dress?  It would be much easier if this dress could be easily explained, but that is not the case.  It is a mystery that will become less talked about, but never be completely solved.

When Will It End?

Sarah Bollinger
Staff writer


From the time kids are put into school they are labeled. The smart one, or the dumb one. The loud one or the quiet one. The ugly one or the pretty one. The nice one or the mean one. While most kids keep these comments to themselves, others feel the need to make sure their peers feel bad about a part of themselves. Unfortunately, nobody can really know why these kids perform these mean acts. Maybe it’s from a home life situation, or they have been bullied in the past. But those are no reason to put another kid down.

Throughout the past few years, there have been many cases of suicide from bullying, and probably many more that go unnoticed. One of the cases, back in October 2012, was Amanda Todd. She was cyber bullied to the point of suicide after making one stupid mistake with a guy over the internet. She made a video, which is still on YouTube, telling her full story. At one point she says people posted pictures of bleach telling her to drink it. Keep in mind this young teenager had never done anything to these people, so why do something as terrible as pushing someone to take their own life?

One of the more recent cases, which has spread like wildfire and has spread a lot of awareness, is Leelah Alcorn. Leelah Alcorn was very young, like Amanda Todd. Leelah Alcorn was born a male, but she didn’t feel right in the male body so she wanted to make the change to a female. The problem was that her hardcore Christian parents didn’t approve at all. She was sent to Christian conversion therapy, where they constantly told her that what she wanted was wrong and not right. When she outed that she liked boys, her parents took her out of school and revoked social media access. In Leelah’s suicide note, she states how she felt lonely and that she wanted to raise awareness for people who want to switch genders as well. Since her death in December of 2014, people are trying to pass a law called “Leelah’s Law” which is a ban on conversion therapy in the U.S.

One of the cases that has blown up on all social media at this time, is the death of Conrad Roy, back in July of 2014. Roy Carter was a young man, just like all the other victims. Roy was seriously depressed to the point of wanting to take his own life, and the only person who knew was his friend Michelle Carter. You would think that Michelle would talk to his parents, or get someone else to help him and talk him out of this. She did the opposite. Evidence from police shows that Michelle encouraged his suicide over texts and phone calls, and when Roy started to change his mind she talked him into getting back into his truck. After his death she shared on Twitter about her grief of his loss and started fundraisers, which many people think was just for attention. Michelle is facing manslaughter charges, but surprisingly, there is word that they might be dropped.

    These three teens are just few of the many who have taken their life from not getting the help they need, or being unhappy. But obviously this is not enough to really convince teens, and even adults that things need to change. So, when will it end?

You Wouldn’t Pee-lieve It

Branson Kane
Staff Writer


In a recent leak of information, Martin Sanchez, a Yosemite national park worker, urinated in the San Francisco reservoir. This report trickled out on February tenth. The reserve holds 674 when full, the action didn’t affect public health but it was a waste of productive time. The water was treated with chlorine and UV light, this action was just a nuisance to everyone. You should know that if you commit such a nuisance that urine a lot of trouble. There is no doubt that the credibility of the San Francisco Utilities Commision has surely gone down the drain. By the time there was time to digest the situation, the report showed he urinated in it several times. The flow of the reservoir was interrupted while they are trying to assess the situation. In my opinion, I hope they let loose on him and listen to the stream of people who want him fired. Many people believe that they should, “close the lid” on this story and let it go. Many are on the edge of their seat as they can’t wait to see the weenie punished. There is a rumor going around that many other employees  have done the same, but it appears Sanchez has drawn the short stick. It is quite unfortunate that Bear Grylls lives in Pittsburgh, because Sanchez has made the water quite enjoyable for him. Martinez was on hold for a promotion when his chances were liquified. Many say his chances of a state job are now, “wiped clean”, while others believe that the situation will all flush over. This event wasn’t the first number one in the water reserve. There isn’t a huge defense of the area, so any common Willy could do what Sanchez did.  When asked what he thought about the subject, Bane Krayden voiced his opinion, “Gee whiz! I never thought that this would happen”. The Government worker should be relieved for relieving himself.

The FIFA League

Max Arbogast
Staff Writer


Clubs are an important part of the culture here at El Camino Fundamental High School and the newest club fits right in with the others.  FIFA is a soccer video game that allows all its players to experience playing as their favorite team or player. FIFA League was created on january twenty first and consists of twelve members that organize meetings and times to compete in a FIFA tournament.  All records of wins and losses are kept by the club secretary Kyle Rairdon and separated into categories 1 vs. 1, 2 vs.2, and 2 vs. 1.  All members chip in to buy food and drinks for when they meet and this helps enhance the feeling of unity in the club.  Anyone can join as long as they meet the pre-decided requirements written in the official FIFA League constitution and are an Elcamino student.  This club caught like a fire when it was first mentioned and received all twelve of its members before it was even created and is even known at other schools.  This club will continue into the next school year and will continue to provide joy to all of its members.  I highly recommend it to all students looking for a club to join.

Started From The…

Samuel Feineh
News Editor


You know you just said “bottom.” You probably have also said at least once before “YOLO,” “HYFR.”

You also probably know who popularized “YOLO,” among a slew of other sayings. Aubrey Drake Graham, the 28 year old multimillionaire megastar rapper who changed the rap game.

He certainly was “25 sittin’ on 25 mill’.” Despite what you think of Drake, he is a prolific artist with a Grammy for his 2011 sophomore album Take Care, and holds 72 appearances on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles, surpassing The Beatles’ and a long list of other rappers.

Over time, the mere mention of “Drake” has incited snickers and laughter as people sing the wistful and melancholic lyrics of “Shot for Me” and “Marvin’s Room,” pretending to cry at the truthfulness of Drake’s lyrics.

In his song Fear, Drake said “The honesty of my music has left me too exposed.” In many ways, Drake’s gloomy sentiments are legitimate. However, unlike any other underground/mainstream rap artists, he became the first to delve into life struggles with his unique style of singing and rapping with lyrics that appeal to many people.

His work features the recurring archetype of female woes, “daddy issues,” his OVO (October’s Very Own) crew, and his mother’s rebounding health.

That familiarity with teens, young adults, and generally those under 40 has propelled him to be king of the rap game.

WOAH. OH NO. I JUST SAID “KING OF THE RAP GAME.” I await the glares and controversy regarding this declaration.

Just two weeks ago, Drake unexpectedly released his new mixtape If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. Instantly, Twitter went berserk as people virtually trampled over each other to listen to his songs. Much like Beyonce’s unexpected self-titled album, Drake sold nearly 500,000 units in his first week of sales.

Drake often releases songs for free on his OVO SoundCloud page. Without even actively advertising one of his hit songs, “How ‘Bout Now,” it found itself on the radio, and debuted on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. Other rappers struggle to get their official singles on the charts. But Drake is not like other rappers.

Consider Drake’s two biggest hits last year: “0 to 100/The Catch Up,” and “Trophies.” Unless you’re living under a rock, these songs have become staples of club goers and ubiquitous to the general public. Both songs were released on his SoundCloud page for free. Drake did not interview to promote these songs. All he did was let the public know that they existed by posting the songs online. Overnight, the songs became hits and generated their own buzz.

In fact, “Trophies” did not become an official single until months later after the song was immensely popular when Young Money released their album “Rise of an Empire.”

Drake’s popularity is not contained to just him. Drake’s “Midas” touch has boosted the careers of iLOVEMAKONNEN, singer of hit song “Tuesday,” Soulja Boy, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and more.

When others were unwilling to give Kendrick Lamar an opportunity, Drake featured him on his song “Buried Alive Interlude” from Take Care. Kendrick has become more popular since then for his abrasive and thought-provoking lyrics.

Last year, Drake put his own spin on Soulja Boy’s “Try Me.” The mere notion that Drake was considering the remix this song into what would become “We Made It” was probably worth thousands of dollars. His actual remix of this song was worth much more when he posted it on his SoundCloud page.

Soulja Boy has been declining in popularity since his “Golden Age” of “Crank Dat,” however he got his first taste of being on the radio for years because of Drake’s “We Made It.”

Drake’s power is undeniable and quite influential. They recently partnered in a national tour called “Drake vs. Lil Wayne,” hosting a unique “Street Fighter” Capcom theme. This was a highly interactive tour, as concert goers downloaded an app to vote for which artist would rap first, and who “beat” the other in the end.

Lil Wayne’s legacy is truly remarkable, however after putting in more effort to make his Young Money artists shine, his own influence on the “rap game” is steadily declining.

In Lil Wayne’s hit song “Believe Me,” his voice isn’t even heard until a minute and 41 seconds into the song. Drake rapped his verse once and hook twice before Wayne spoke. Hearing the song for the first time, I thought it was Drake’s single. Is it a coincidence that this song was released on Drake’s SoundCloud first before Lil Wayne took ownership? I think not.

Drake never really disappears between albums. He releases music at strategic points so there’s never a “Drake drought.” Especially with 17 unexpected songs released recently, fans are drowning in the rap czar’s music. Many rappers can learn from Drake’s strategy at attaining mass fame, but “Rap must be changing ‘cuz [I’m] at the top and ain’t no one on top of [me].”

All we know for certain is that Drake is out enjoying life singing “We Made It.” After all, if you had his fame and wealth, wouldn’t you?

Because Girls Just Don’t Post Enough Selfies

Theo DeRosa
Sports Editor

In case you haven’t figured out why all you see on Instagram is girls’ selfies, there is a distinct reason behind what might otherwise resemble a vanity crisis on a grand scale. What is known as the “20 beautiful women challenge” or simply “#20beautifulwomen” is a widespread movement where girls post selfies and tag 20 of their friends, essentially nominating them to post their own picture and tag their own friends.

The admirable purpose of #20beautifulwomen is to inspire self-confidence and self-esteem among women everywhere. When even the shy girls who normally refrain from posting pictures of themselves participate, it can be said that this has succeeded. However, those girls who post seven consecutive selfies from different angles “#SelfieSunday! #MoreSelfies! #EvenMoreSelfies!” and manage to receive varying praises from commenters must be rejoicing at this unique chance. It’s not to say that these selfie fiends should be discouraged from taking part in #20beautifulwomen but rather that they should realize that posting pictures occasionally will do much more for the psyche than constantly and incessantly fishing for compliments and reducing all followers to thinking “oh. She posted…five selfies in a row. Great.” and scrolling through.

Do we really have to specify that there are 20 beautiful women? Tagging 20 people in a single photo is convoluted and eventually results in the popular girls being nominated way too many times by all of their friends and those trying to curry favor with the popular cliques. The inclusiveness is understood, but we don’t have to make every girl currently in existence post a photo. It should be their choice, and not at the discretion of some girl who arbitrarily decides on their 20 most beautiful (or, as is usually the case, closest) friends. This often leads to fierce rivalry among girls who were once friends. Just watching the trailer for the movie “Unfriended”–do not watch that–warns strongly against this.

At the risk of sounding like a “Meninist,” are men not allowed to promote their self-esteem? There have indeed been parody trends for #20beautifulmen or similar tags, but they are not taken particularly seriously. Maybe it’s because guys (well, most guys) are too self-conscious to post selfies, thinking society has dictated that only girls are legally obligated to display themselves. Though #20beautifulwomen is a fantastic trend, what’s wrong with #20beautifulpeople (apart from the wording)?

After all, everyone is beautiful. And we should all be encouraged to accept each other, regardless of the quality of selfies we take. If that’s a criterion for personal quality, it’s time to take a serious look at this overexposed society.

Super Bowl Superstar

Ethan Sears
Staff Writer

As you might have heard, Super Bowl XLIX took place last weekend and the New England Patriots rose above the Seattle Seahawks with a final score of 28-24. While this was a spectacular game, most people are actually focusing more on the Halftime show that Katy Perry put on. But funny enough, most people aren’t even focusing on Katy Perry, but on one of her dancers; more specifically: Mr. Left Shark. Somebody needs to take some dance lessons. Take a look at this video, and you’ll see why.

Sacanime Winter 2k15

Piper Gold
Website Editor


Every year, SacAnime comes to the Sacramento Convention Center, and thousands of anime fans from all over come to enjoy panels, signings and anime themed shopping (among other things). Not all of it is anime either, other fandoms like Homestuck, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc., come and hang out, going to panels in cosplay (dressing like a certain character from either a fandom or just an original character), talking to other cosplayers, and taking pictures with them.

I went with my friend Amy, and we both cosplayed. I was Dave Strider (from the webcomic Homestuck) and she was Castiel (an angel from the show Supernatural). We were only there for Sunday (it starts on Friday and ends on Sunday) from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,  attending two panels.

The first one we went to was a Sailor Moon panel, with the dubbed voice actors for Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mars, and the newly dubbed Sailor Jupiter. They were really nice and were telling funny stories about what fans bring them, and we sang happy birthday (twice) and sang the English theme song for Sailor Moon.

After wandering around for a while, we went to the fan-run Homestuck panel, where cosplayers acted like the characters and people asked them questions. None of the questions were really serious, and we mostly joked about Eridan (a troll character who gets cut in half) and the players ate gummy worms out of buckets (buckets are objects of sexual desire for trolls in Homestuck).

The Showroom (the place where you go and spend most of your money) was really cool. There were a bunch of really good artists who were selling their fanart. Other shops sold Japanese food, and some were selling alpaca plushies and stuff like that. Most of them were selling anime posters, or figurines, or something of that nature, and there was a group that brought a TARDIS (time machine from Doctor Who) and people got to take pictures with it and someone who was dressed like the tenth Doctor.

Around 5:00 p.m. we started to get really tired so we just waited for my dad to pick us up. But the cosplayers were really nice about taking pictures. There was a group of people dressed as Dead Mau5, carrying a boombox that was blasting dubsteb (they were kindly asked to lower the volume). Other groups of people were LARPing, and one group ran around with a white broom asking people to come help them burn the witches. All in all, in was the most fun we’ve had in a while. Can’t wait to go back for SacAnime Summer!

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