Who’s Replacing Tom?

Meredith Young
staff writer

As some may know, Tom Delonge, the lead vocalist and founder of the band Blink-182, has recently been “slammed”.  This came as an outrage to many long-term fans for Blink had been together since 1992.  These fans also wondered what was going to happen next?  Were Travis and Mark continuing on their own?  Was someone replacing Tom?  Or the worst of them…. was this the end of Blink forever?

First of all, Mark and Travis did, in fact, reveal that Tom had not been wanting to participate in Blink functions, but rather non-musical endeavors.  They say that Tom was not brave enough to quit on his own so they did the job for him.

Almost immediately after Tom’s departure, he was replaced for the Musink Tattoo & Music Festival, which would be held from March 20 – 22 in San Diego, California.  Who replaced him?  Matt Skiba.  Lead singer in Alkaline Trio.

Tom will forever be remembered by loyal, original Blink fans, but is still continuing to make music with his own band Angels and Airwaves who started in 2005, and has recently released their 5th studio album in December of 2014.


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