FX Original Series: Justified

Katherine Sotelo
Staff Writer

In Justified, Raylan has been hunting for Boyd before he hurts anyone else. For those Who don’t watch Justified, Raylan is the main character that is that works in the law enforcement, Boyd is a violent criminal that Raylan has been waiting to lock up for the longest time.

With the last episode, Winona was running from Boyd attempting to leave the city. Winona ditched Raylan to buy a getaway car with belief that her life is in jepaordy. Meanwhile, Raylan was searching for Winona thinking that she might be in danger at that moment.

Raylan is that major workaholic type of guy, but takes a break in the upcoming episode to help take care of Winona and his daughter in belief that she has a heart murmur.

 Winona travels back to town to find a trustworthy doctor for her baby girl, causing Raylan to be a father for a minimum time. While Raylan takes time off for his family, Brooks calls a HUGE manhunt for Walker. Winona has been a single mom for a little bit and has not absent in the show for about a season, so we have not gotten the reaction and feel of Winona at this stage. With Winona and their baby girl coming back to town there is belief that they might be in danger with how many people would like to get back at Raylan for his work.

 In this show they really don’t show his emotions, love life, or how he is as a father. To bring back his daughter and the mother will test Raylan as a father and partner. (www.ew.com)


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