How Students Feel About Dress Code

Meredith Young

In El Camino High School’s dress code, there are many things that students feel should or should not be permitted.  Certain aspects such as the rule that shoes must be worn at all times are just obvious, but others are considered restricting.

Freshman Kellan Fisch claims that he thinks that muscle tanks should be allowed to be worn at school.  “They aren’t inappropriate because I’m not showing anything off.”  Fisch doesn’t think there is anything wrong with muscle tanks and doesn’t understand why they are not permitted.  However, he does agree with the no sagging rule because he highly dislikes when he sees people doing that.

Multiple girls believe that short shorts should be allowed as long as they cover everything up, but if they barely cover you at all, they should be forbidden.  Freshman Jayla Perry states, “Spaghetti straps should be allowed, it gets too hot here to wear t-shirts all the time.” She does not believe that spaghetti straps are too revealing so long as they cover you up and you don’t have excessive cleavage.

Sophomore Danielle Harrison is against the no pajama rule because “When you’re in high school, sometimes all you want to do is sleep so it is easiest to get right out of bed and go to school”.  She understands that it isn’t really professional, but why does it need to be?  “They’re comfortable and warm and it’s easier to learn when you’re comfortable.”

Clearly, the dress code is pretty reasonable, but there are certain things that the students would like to change about it.  Most would agree with these fellow students, but most are also content with how the dress code is now.


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