Does Color Really Matter?

Meredith Young
Staff Writer

As most know, recently a picture of a dress which appears different colors to various people has been released.  Some see the dress as white and gold, others see it as blue and black, or even blue and gold.  It has been confirmed that the actual dress is blue and black, but some evidence shows otherwise.

Many conspiracies have come out about this picture.  Was it created by ISIS to break out fights among people to destroy the US?  Could it be a social experiment created by our government?  When scientists googled the dress, it showed up on foreign websites and could not be translated out of Russian by Google Translate.  This led to more questions about the dress.  Was it created by Russia to distract the U.S. from something they were plotting?   Who made this dress in the first place?  Some have said that there is a UV light over the picture causing it to look different in people’s eyes, but there are too many factors contradicting this statement.

It was confirmed that the real dress was blue and black, but how would one explain why a photo of two girls was released, both in each dress?  It would be much easier if this dress could be easily explained, but that is not the case.  It is a mystery that will become less talked about, but never be completely solved.


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