Divine Dwarves: Humble Dogs in High Places

Mary Bawolski
Ads Editor


The Welsh corgi, which comes in 2 separate breeds (Pembroke and Cardigan) is a protective, loyal, and friendly pet. The origin of the corgi’s name is derived from “cor” meaning dwarf and “gi” meaning dog. These qualities of the stumpy round pup have made it rise to fame and fortune.

According to Welsh Legend, the patterns on a corgi’s fur are the imprints of saddles used by fairy warriors riding the trusty steeds. Legend has it that two royal children discovered a pair of corgis that they assumed to be foxes while they were tending cattle. Being friendly, herding dogs, the children were able to bring the corgis home to show their family. The children claimed that the puppies were a gift from the fairies. The corgis were trained to herd the royal cattle and lived peacefully along with the family.

Continuing its royal reputation, corgis skedaddled into Britain’s royal family in 1933. Queen Elizabeth was first given a corgi in 1933, called Dookie. Throughout the years the family has acquired corgis including; but not limited to: Jane, Crackers, and Susan, (who accompanied her majesty on her honeymoon in 1947.)  Unfortunately, the mighty reign of their “shortness” in the royal family is coming to an end. Recently the Queen has expressed her concern of tripping over her dogs and hurting herself. An unidentified royal court member has stated that she “worries about too many dogs around her feet and that she will hurt herself badly.” Deceased corgis will no longer be replaced.

The shift of fame may be puttering its way to the United States, specifically California. In 2010,  California governor Jerry Brown introduced “California’s First Dog,” as Sutter, a Welsh corgi named after a pioneer who established one of Sacramento’s first settlements. Sutter was given to Jerry Brown by his sister, a former state treasurer.  The chestnut fuzz ball has received support on social media such as his Facebook page (Sutter Brown) as well as on Twitter (@sutterbrown).

The fame of this breed is rising despite its own height. This fairy-transporting steed is the best dog, paws down.


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