When Will It End?

Sarah Bollinger
Staff writer


From the time kids are put into school they are labeled. The smart one, or the dumb one. The loud one or the quiet one. The ugly one or the pretty one. The nice one or the mean one. While most kids keep these comments to themselves, others feel the need to make sure their peers feel bad about a part of themselves. Unfortunately, nobody can really know why these kids perform these mean acts. Maybe it’s from a home life situation, or they have been bullied in the past. But those are no reason to put another kid down.

Throughout the past few years, there have been many cases of suicide from bullying, and probably many more that go unnoticed. One of the cases, back in October 2012, was Amanda Todd. She was cyber bullied to the point of suicide after making one stupid mistake with a guy over the internet. She made a video, which is still on YouTube, telling her full story. At one point she says people posted pictures of bleach telling her to drink it. Keep in mind this young teenager had never done anything to these people, so why do something as terrible as pushing someone to take their own life?

One of the more recent cases, which has spread like wildfire and has spread a lot of awareness, is Leelah Alcorn. Leelah Alcorn was very young, like Amanda Todd. Leelah Alcorn was born a male, but she didn’t feel right in the male body so she wanted to make the change to a female. The problem was that her hardcore Christian parents didn’t approve at all. She was sent to Christian conversion therapy, where they constantly told her that what she wanted was wrong and not right. When she outed that she liked boys, her parents took her out of school and revoked social media access. In Leelah’s suicide note, she states how she felt lonely and that she wanted to raise awareness for people who want to switch genders as well. Since her death in December of 2014, people are trying to pass a law called “Leelah’s Law” which is a ban on conversion therapy in the U.S.

One of the cases that has blown up on all social media at this time, is the death of Conrad Roy, back in July of 2014. Roy Carter was a young man, just like all the other victims. Roy was seriously depressed to the point of wanting to take his own life, and the only person who knew was his friend Michelle Carter. You would think that Michelle would talk to his parents, or get someone else to help him and talk him out of this. She did the opposite. Evidence from police shows that Michelle encouraged his suicide over texts and phone calls, and when Roy started to change his mind she talked him into getting back into his truck. After his death she shared on Twitter about her grief of his loss and started fundraisers, which many people think was just for attention. Michelle is facing manslaughter charges, but surprisingly, there is word that they might be dropped.

    These three teens are just few of the many who have taken their life from not getting the help they need, or being unhappy. But obviously this is not enough to really convince teens, and even adults that things need to change. So, when will it end?


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