You Wouldn’t Pee-lieve It

Branson Kane
Staff Writer

In a recent leak of information, Martin Sanchez, a Yosemite national park worker, urinated in the San Francisco reservoir. This report trickled out on February tenth. The reserve holds 674 when full, the action didn’t affect public health but it was a waste of productive time. The water was treated with chlorine and UV light, this action was just a nuisance to everyone. You should know that if you commit such a nuisance that urine a lot of trouble. There is no doubt that the credibility of the San Francisco Utilities Commision has surely gone down the drain. By the time there was time to digest the situation, the report showed he urinated in it several times. The flow of the reservoir was interrupted while they are trying to assess the situation. In my opinion, I hope they let loose on him and listen to the stream of people who want him fired. Many people believe that they should, “close the lid” on this story and let it go. Many are on the edge of their seat as they can’t wait to see the weenie punished. There is a rumor going around that many other employees  have done the same, but it appears Sanchez has drawn the short stick. It is quite unfortunate that Bear Grylls lives in Pittsburgh, because Sanchez has made the water quite enjoyable for him. Martinez was on hold for a promotion when his chances were liquified. Many say his chances of a state job are now, “wiped clean”, while others believe that the situation will all flush over. This event wasn’t the first number one in the water reserve. There isn’t a huge defense of the area, so any common Willy could do what Sanchez did.  When asked what he thought about the subject, Bane Krayden voiced his opinion, “Gee whiz! I never thought that this would happen”. The Government worker should be relieved for relieving himself.


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