The FIFA League

Max Arbogast
Staff Writer

Clubs are an important part of the culture here at El Camino Fundamental High School and the newest club fits right in with the others.  FIFA is a soccer video game that allows all its players to experience playing as their favorite team or player. FIFA League was created on january twenty first and consists of twelve members that organize meetings and times to compete in a FIFA tournament.  All records of wins and losses are kept by the club secretary Kyle Rairdon and separated into categories 1 vs. 1, 2 vs.2, and 2 vs. 1.  All members chip in to buy food and drinks for when they meet and this helps enhance the feeling of unity in the club.  Anyone can join as long as they meet the pre-decided requirements written in the official FIFA League constitution and are an Elcamino student.  This club caught like a fire when it was first mentioned and received all twelve of its members before it was even created and is even known at other schools.  This club will continue into the next school year and will continue to provide joy to all of its members.  I highly recommend it to all students looking for a club to join.


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