Storm In New England

Max Arbogast
Staff writer

Through out the history of the world there have been many devastating acts of nature and catastrophic storms.  The next of which will hit the United States starting on January 26th.  New England alone is projected to receive two to three feet of snow over the course of the storm.  The timeline of this blizzard is projected as so; Monday will bring light snow of 2-3 inches and not much more.  Later that night the storm will reach the warm ocean and the change in air pressure will cause a snow band to form and the Blizzard will form over New England.  The following day, snowfall will increase to 3 inches per hour and wind speeds are projected to reach anywhere from 50 to 70 miles per hour.  At this point power surges will be common and freeways will be crippled with stuck cars.  The historic blizzard will still be going strong as it continues to Nova Scotia, but the snow will die out around Philadelphia and New York.  The next day will be met will strong winds and a sub-zero wind chill from the still raging storm, and may be a dangerous day for those with no power.  In preparation for the storm, travel bans have already taken place in the North Atlantic and New England.  Five thousand flights have already been canceled and major airlines warned that many flights most likely won’t be leaving. Anyone near or around this area should be making plans and preparations to weather this storm.


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