Crossfit vs. Lifting

Jimmy Archer
Staff writer

One of the topics that is completely one sided. People into fitness either appear to be an avid lifter against crossfit, or the other way around. It is hard to prove which one is better, because they do not necessarily have to be used for the same purpose. Crossfit is high intensity and quick, with a large cardio vascular focus, while traditional weight lifting is usually mostly focused on building muscle. Crossfit receives some criticism for the crossfitters having poor form when performing exercises. In these cases, crossfitters are more focused on speed rather than proper form which can result in injury. Another aspect of crossfit that isn’t necessarily proper is the idea of kipping. Kipping is what is done by crossfitters when performing dips and pull ups, in which they use their momentum to perform the move, while traditionally the moves are meant to focus on the target muscles, not momentum. Of course overall crossfit is a very effective form of fitness, if done with proper form. Lifting as well has its benefits and its down sides. In some cases, ego lifting comes into play, in which people use more weight than they can perform with properly, in order to feed their ego, which can result in injury. In some cases, weight lifters have become stereotyped as ego driven meatheads. This is merely a stereotype, for no matter where someone goes, there will be good and bad in every group. Both forms of fitness are very popular, but of course it seems like for the most part people are either supportive of one or the other. There are benefits in both, and down sides in both, so it is sort of hard to find if one really is better, when in some cases, they don’t strive for the exact same goal. Still the war rages on, and there isn’t a great way to prove if either one really is better. Crossfit does have weight lifting involved in some routines, but not exactly in the way of traditional weight lifting, and of course not all, but some weightlifters do cardio. It has to make people wonder if either side has tried the method, and maybe if they did, some of the hostility would end.  Hopefully some have tried the methods of each other, being able to put their differences aside, and see that both do have benefits, and possibly more and more can try each others method, and lower the hostility between the groups drastically.


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