Broken arms or cracked screens?

Zoe Bonfield
Opinion Editor

Most of our generation grew up in a time where we climbed trees, dug in the dirt, made “mud pies,” and ran around outside. We were covered in cuts, bruises, and dirt, but if we fell, we got back up to play some more. Our biggest worries were about not being able to play because we got in trouble, or when it rained and we weren’t allowed to go outside so we wouldn’t get sick. Even indoors, we played with toys, played “house” or “hospital” and were always using our imaginations. We did not worry about getting “likes” on a photo or texting a crush the right thing.

In today’s age, however, most children are not experiencing this same childhood. They sit inside watching television or playing games or engaging in social media of all types. Granted, not everyone in our generation had this incredible childhood, and not all children now are missing out on it. There is a high number that are however, and this is something that need to change.

In addition to the children being less physically and mentally active, they also have access to infinite amounts of unfiltered information, much of it not suited for children that young. We were somewhat sheltered from this side of life. No child needs their hopes demoralized by hearing about terrorist attacks or suicide. Those types of concepts, along with many others, are far too much for a child to comprehend. Hearing about all of the negativity in the world may also discourage the children from reaching for their dreams in fear of failure. Children should always be told to reach for the stars and to never give up on their dreams.

So let’s start changing this path before it gets too late. Encourage kids to put down their devices and go climb a tree. Let them see the world with their own eyes before seeing it through a camera lens or on a website.


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