Who Needs Science, Anyway?

Theo DeRosa
Sports Editor

Even in the days of the Information Age, when technology dictates our quotidian lives and all the factual knowledge humans have ever possessed is a few clicks away, easily accessible on the World Wide Web, there are those who consider themselves above science. They reject the proven but seemingly improbable in favor of their own unrealistic fantasies. They jeer in the “nerdy” face of science, preferring to listen to demagogic leaders spouting lie-filled nonsense and preying on irrational fear and paranoia to gain credibility.

Simply put, we need to realize who the real enemies are. No, it’s not the scientists whose lives’ work has been invalidated, in the eyes of so many, by false stories of medical miracles or by conspiracy theorists who claim we faked the 1969 moon landing. Scientific data is based on PROVEN THEORIES–results of hundreds or thousands of tests. Not just a whim of some uncredited “doctor” with a blatantly fake name who claims that smoking isn’t harmful, despite medical data that smoking causes 80% of lung cancer deaths for men and 90% for women (per lung.org). But by all means, don’t try to quit. You’ll be fine…right?

How did these outright fakers become more reputable than professional scientists, one may ask? Some people are fed up with the harsh truth that scientists cling to; take the hotly-debated issue of global-warming. A November 2013 study conducted by Yale University found that a startling 1 in 4 Americans refuse to believe that climate change is truly taking place, despite solid evidence of a global increase in temperature, more fluctuating and dynamic winters, and the melting of the polar ice caps. These skeptical 25% have been known to use the defense, “But…it was cold today! How could there be global warming if it’s colder than yesterday?” Yes, and your water filter surely just provided millions of disadvantaged Africans with pure water. Problem solved.

It’s not like it’s all that difficult to prove that something’s true or not true. There’s this website called Google that might ring a bell. You can like, search for stuff. It’s pretty cool, man.

Alright, levity over. Definitely resort to fact-checking before obstinately believing that crazy-looking guy who implores us to move to Mars ASAP before Obama sends drones to kill us. It almost sounds too good to be true….


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