New Year’s Resolutions For 2015

Sarah Bollinger and Meredith Young
Staff Writers

Everyone knows that New Years’ resolutions often don’t work out the way people plan for them to. That’s why there is a full gym on January 1st and a practically empty gym the following day. These people make the resolutions in hope of losing their extra belly fat from the holiday season, but they quit when it doesn’t happen right away. One must learn that one needs to work at something to get it done. Sometimes, New Years’ resolutions are resolved, as shown through select El Camino students.

Freshman Jayla Perry states that her New Years’ resolution was to spend more time with her family. “I wanted to get closer to my family and be able to talk to them about more things,” she said. Perry worked long and hard on her goals and slowly but surely got closer to family members by coming out to family parties and socializing, rather than sitting in her room and laying in bed. Her resolution was a success.

For sophomore Danielle Harrison, her New Years’ resolution was to make the JV Volleyball team at the beginning of the school year. She practiced day and night and did club volleyball to work on her skills. When school rolled around, the tryouts began. She tried out and she nervously awaited the results. “By the end of the week, I was confident that I had made the team, and I had,”  she said.

Like Harrison, Freshman Kellan Fisch’s resolution was to make a sports team as well: basketball. He practiced almost everyday, but not how one would think. Fisch played basketball on the Wii to get better so he could make the team. For him, it worked. He stated, “I thought I was the best in the world.” Tryouts came along and he tried out alongside the other boys. He soon realized that he wasn’t as skilled and began to worry by the time cuts came around. Because of his worries outweighing his abilities, he unfortunately did not make the team. “My dreams were crushed and I cried,”  he admitted. When asked what he could have done to have reached his goal, he said he could’ve played basketball at a park or somewhere else outside. His main New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to start in his rugby games. Let’s hope he makes it.

Resolutions always seem like fake things that people say and give up on the next week. Nevertheless, some students at El Camino have really defied the odds and accomplished their dreams. So if one ever wants to go accomplish their goals, they will be accomplished by time and effort put into it.


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