New Teacher Interviews

Branson Kane
Staff Writer

Where did you teach before?

Sumpter: “El Camino 6 years ago and Encina.”

Doris: “Bella Vista High School.”

Ramos: “I taught at Westmore Oaks in West Sac. It was a K-8 school.”

Kelt: “I taught at Elk Grove and was a student teacher here.”

What subjects do you teach at EC?

Sumpter: “AVID Pe 1 and PE 2.”

Doris: “English as well as EPI English.”

Ramos: “I teach junior, freshman and Honors junior English as well as CAHSEE prep.”

Kelt: “I teach sophomore English and yearbook.”


What do you think of EC?

Sumpter: “ We have a growing culture and have accepted many programs like Breaking Down the Walls, Screaming Eagles and AVID to connect with others through curricular activities.”

Doris: “The students make me feel very at home here. The teachers are so accepting. The students here are more diverse and we teach a different type of demographic.”

Ramos: “The staff was very welcoming and the students were very helpful.”

Kelt: “They are prepared and motivated.”


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