Things to Leave Behind

Mary Bawolski
Staff Writer

EBOLA JOKES– insanely comical, right? Do I actually have to say much more about this?

MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS– I would actually love to see another attractive teenager make a million dollars talking about a relatable problem, I really would.

FOOTWEAR– Out of all 2014’s fashion trends, our footwear this year is quite odd. Although I like that trends are getting comfier with leggings and big sweaters in right now, when did socks and sandals become a fashion trend? These shoes look you’re being strapped to an electric chair. If you’re not Jesus please don’t wear Birkenstocks. Enough about the shoes, fashionable socks have gained a lot of popularity this year. Huf socks, for example are socks with marijuana leaves on them. What’s next? Cocaine socks that are just all white?

MAKING WORDS MEANINGLESS– When you think of words such as swag, lowkey, and selfie do you even know what they mean? The word “swag” means a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive gait or manner. When it is used in slang, it can mean the way someone is dressed, or the way someone represents themselves. It’s even used to express excitement, or tell someone they agree with their statement. Swag is so overused that it has no meaning.  In the same way, “lowkey” is used all over social media in various ways, and most of the time, it’s just used wrong. Lowkey means modest or restrained. The way people use it, it seems like it’s just an attempt to throw a fancy word in their sentence. In reality, it just makes you sound stupid.


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