Fanfiction: the new book?

Piper Gold
Website editor

Fanfiction. Millions of stories about anything and everything. The topics range from bands to comics to TV shows. A fan of webcomics? There’s fanfiction for that. Anime? That too. But what exactly is fanfiction? Fanfiction, as defined by, is “Fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.” But in reality, fanfiction is so much more than that.

Fanfiction is a way to express feelings and tell a story through characters or band members (or even celebrities). Most fanfiction is posted online to websites like Archive Of Our Own (AO3),, Wattpad, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Ficwad, etc. Freshmen Amy Mohr and Nelida Sanchez said the same thing: “Wattpad is my favorite.” Freshman Adam Severeid said “I prefer Archive Of Our Own, they post great stories.” however, Freshman Dacia Owens said: “I like to search what I’m in the mood for in Google. I just read whatever strikes my fancy.”

“But how do I get into such a thing?” you might ask. Well, luckily for you, here is a four-step guide to help you get immersed into the deep dark swirling vortex that is fanfiction.

Step 1: Pick a topic (Movie, TV show, band, etc..)

Step 2: Pick a two or more people you want in a relationship from that topic [Otherwise known as a ship or an OTP (one true pairing)]

Step 3: Pick a genre (Romance, angst, horror etc..)

Step 4: Search it in google (ex: Destiel horror fic, Frerard angst fic)

 Once you finish reading, if you liked it, you can rate and/or review. This helps writers out and tells them to keep writing. On AO3 you can kudos the fic (Basically telling them good job!), and on Wattpad you can leave a vote. If you didn’t like the story, tell them why! Writers love feedback, and if you tell them what’s wrong, they can go back and fix it. Just please don’t be rude about it. No one likes a jerk.

Finding other fans of fanfiction is easy. Tumblr, for example, is a great place to start looking for other fans. Tumblr is a social networking site that uses a tag system, much like twitter or instagram. By typing in a band or fandom, Tumblr almost instantly find posts, pictures, and even videos that relate to that topic. Some people even post fanfiction that they like, or think is weird (@badmcrfics, and @TagsOfAO3 find weird and sometimes disturbing fanfiction and fanfiction tags and post them on Twitter). All in all, fanfiction can change the way you look at some people, and stay away from the fics-that-shall-not-be-named. Have fun discovering new fanfictions!


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