Windows to the Soul

Max Arbogast
Staff Writer

Recently there has been a study released regarding how often humans communicate through eye contact during their lives, and how young we are when we first start to learn it.  Many people communicate with their eyes and don’t even realize it.

For example, we can give away what we are thinking without even saying a word.  When someone looks off to their left it shows they are accessing the right hemisphere of the brain which is the imaginative and creative side.  Try asking a friend what his/her dream vacation would be, you will find that when they think about this, they will be gazing to the left.  Like wise if you ask someone to do a math problem in their head they will look to their right when thinking about the problem.  Some police officers use this to decide if someone is lying, if the suspect looks to the right they are most likely telling the truth, and if they look to the left the story is most likely being made up. Another example of people communicating through their eyes is with their pupils.  Because we have little to no control over them, our pupils could easily give away what we feel about certain things.  When we come across a certain subject or object we particularly enjoy, our pupils dilate to show our interest. However if we are not interested in the certain object or even person that we are talking to, our pupils will constrict showing our disinterest.

Yes, our communication through eyes can be very revealing but how could we give away so much through our eyes and not even realize it?  Well it turns out that we do recognize our the importance of eye contact and at a very young age.  A new study shows that even seven month year old babies can comprehend the truth behind someones eyes.  While monitoring their brain waves, scientists showed this babies images of eyes for only fifty milliseconds.  Not even long enough to consciously recognize the picture.  These eyes projected either a fearful image or a neutral image, and the brain waves of these babies actually reacted to the images proving that our eyes are an important form of communication that we pick up at a very young age.


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