Ebola Strikes Again

Zoe Bonfield
Opinion Editor

Another American has now died from the Ebola virus, making this the second fatality in America from this deadly disease. Dr. Martin Salia was a surgeon who traveled back and forth from Sierra Leone, where he got the disease, and his home in Maryland. Salia passed away on Monday, November 19th. He had been infected for two weeks, and was only in his second day of treatment when he died in the Nebraska Medical Center. The first American death from Ebola was Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas, Texas in September. The Ebola death toll is now at least 5,177 people, a majority of which were from West African countries, with another 14,413 currently infected. This disease has been exponentially growing since its outbreak eight months ago, and doctors and scientists are working on different types of cures and treatments to stop this outbreak from spreading further.


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