New Staff Profile: Bryan Baker (VP)

Photo by: Jason Jenkins, Studio Monet
Photo by: Jason Jenkins, Studio Monet

 By Aidan Byrd
Staff Writer

Mr. Baker grew up in Phelan, California. A desert town where he enjoyed horse and dirtbike riding. In high school, he was a nerd among jocks and a jock among nerds. He graduated third in his class, while he played three sports a year. He later went to UC Davis and majored in physiology. He excelled in English, although he enjoyed math and science, even though he didn’t have a knack for math. He says that if he felt more comfortable with math, he would’ve majored in physics.

Earlier in his teaching career, he taught at a traditional high school for three years. He taught integrated science, health, and biology. He later taught three years in an independent study environment with one of those years teaching spanish-speaking students. He loved independent study because he had a wide variety of teaching skills, with no one extraordinary skill. He was also working at Bella Vista high as a VP but came to El Camino for “A new challenge”. He says he likes El Camino’s assemblies a lot and enjoyed Breaking Down the Walls here at EC.

This year at EC, Mr. Baker plans to get on top of things and get comfortable in his workplace. He also plans to help as many students as possible improve their behavior and their classroom performance. Whenever a student is sent to his office for any reason, he attempts to see their point of view and apply appropriate consequences that are just right. Mr. Baker is a special kind of teacher who attempts to keep all students’ trust and leave them with the ability to do well, independent of his consequences.

Here is Mr. Baker’s advice to EC students in his own words: “My best advice to students is to get organized to learn delayed gratification.  A tangential explanation: What year is it now?  2014.  What year will it be in 10 years?  2024.  Is there anything you can do to change that?  When that happens and you look back over the last 10 years, what are you going to wish you had done?  Do that now.  Work hard, because the more you do so now, the easier things will be later.”

To sum things up, Mr. Baker is a very special type of teacher who desires all students’ success and who works hard. He’s made it this far and he’s only gone up since joining El Camino’s excellent staff. We’re all glad to have him at our school and excited to see his contribution to the school kick in.


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