Varsity Football: Winning Games and Taking Names

EC Football Collage

By Jenner Anderson
Staff Writer

The Friday night lights are back on as El Camino’s 2014 football season is in full swing. The Eagles have started off with a winning record of 4-3 as of October 10th, where they beat Rio Americano by a comfortable lead. The final score: 47-7.

Much can be said about this team’s characteristics, such as their hard work and preparation. The majority of the team’s time during the hot summer was spent with countless hours working and grinding in the weight room and conditioning on the field. They do all of this in order to get ready for when the league season comes around. In fact, they start preparing for the season all the way back in March.

A starting wide receiver, Senior Chris Hernandez said, “We put so much work in from March all the way up until our first game. Nobody really understands how hard it is.” He went on to say that conditioning during the summer is the worst, but he strived to make “every practice count.” It takes a great amount of time and dedication, and he hope it will all pay off with each and every game.

This team is also resilient. El Camino demonstrated how well they can respond to adversity as they bounced back from a tough loss against Sacramento in their home opener with consecutive blowout victories.  It is notable that the home opener was played on the highly anticipated new turf field with a turnout of more than 2,000 people. All teams appreciate a large turnout, and EC football is no different, even in a loss.

When asked why it’s important for people to show up at football games, Senior Melody Dezaki responded, “I think it’s important to support at football games because not only does it show that you have school spirit, but just going to support your fellow Eagles can make a big difference.” Support definitely goes a long way.

The football team hopes to be flying high, improving as the rest of the season progresses. The players have lofty goals that they hope to accomplish.

According to Junior Colton Burns their goals include: “stay healthy, score some touchdowns and smack some fools. I expect that our team is gonna win a league championship.”

Winning a league championship is not easy by any means, but this group seems to believe that they can accomplish it. If anything, these particular varsity players are dedicated to winning and proving that they are elite athletes. Whether they can finish the season strong or not remains to be seen, but they certainly do have the right attitude, talent, and potential.


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