Robin Williams: EC Students Consider his Legacy for Charity

Robin Williams Collage (1)

By Meredith Young
Staff Writer

Robin Williams was an American actor and comedian. He brought joy to a lot of people’s lives through his comedy, but what many don’t know is that he donated to and supported 28 charities.

Freshman Sarah Pritchard said, “My childhood was full of imagination.” His movies inspired her along with his charity work. She remembers hearing about him perform for veterans and visiting children’s wards in hospitals. This goes to show how much he inspired the public.

Some of the charities he supported were Amnesty International and Aid Still Required. Amnesty International is a foundation that works for and recognizes human rights. Aid Still Required helps people who have gone through a natural disaster. Some volunteers work with women and girls with health and trauma therapy to restore peace and confidence.

Freshman Jayla Perry said that she thought an important charity Williams supported was Dogs Deserve Better. This foundation provides a rescue home for chained or abused dogs. Perry also stated that he supported the Dream Foundation which strives to better the life of families and individuals who are battling terminal illnesses.

Sophomore Danielle Harrison said, “I think that he did it to influence other people to do charity work. But if people are going to do charity work, it should be because they want to help, not because a famous person did it.” She was not inspired herself by Williams, but noticed how other people were. Harrison thinks that Dogs Deserve Better is one of the best charities that Williams supported.

To many, Robin Williams was not only an inspiration through his comedy, but an inspiration through his work and financial support of 28 different charities and foundations.


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