Netflix Original Series: Black, Orange, and Watched All Over

Needs More Salt:With Netflix instant streaming and original series spicing things up, how will cable maintain its appeal? Political Cartoon by Aidan Byrd
Needs More Salt:With Netflix instant streaming and original series spicing things up, how will cable maintain its appeal? Political Cartoon by Aidan Byrd

By Ethan Sears
Staff Writer

The popular craze among adolescents is to sit at home on the weekends and watch movies with their “baes”. But, this notorious “Bae” isn’t quite what most people would expect. Truth is, these “baes” are actually the astoundingly popular corporation, Netflix.

Netflix’s fairly recent business plan has been to start funding their own shows. These shows, referred to as “Netflix Original Series” started in 2012 with the first original series titled Lilyhammer. Lilyhammer was a good start, but Netflix was thinking bigger. What truly brought the Netflix original series craze into the mainstream was when they did a reboot of the popular show Arrested Development, creating the long awaited fourth season. The response Netflix received from the reboot was massive. The demand for original series’ had never been higher. Rumors of a fifth season of Arrested Development floated around after the critically acclaimed fourth season, but nothing has been confirmed by Netflix at this point in time.

Following the demand for original series’ Netflix decided to step it up. On August 28, 2015, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend will hit Netflix as the very first Netflix Original Movie. Yes, that last line was read correctly, next year Netflix will release it’s very first original movie. This opens up a whole new door for Netflix and Hulu, another instant streaming service, regarding future releases. With all of these original series’ and upcoming movies, cable – and direct competitors, like  Hulu – will have to adapt to compete with Netflix and consumer demand.

Interviews for Netflix

It’s no secret that Netflix is loved by subscribers and nonsubscribers alike. When asked about the original series craze that has been going around, Sophomore Paige Harman said that “with all of these great series being exclusive to only Netflix, people are bound to purchase a subscription.”  She went on to say that “Netflix is so awesome because of all the great shows, but primarily because it is just so convenient.”

Elaborating off of what Harman said, Freshmen Emma Sears and Sofia Foondos both said that their favorite original series is Orange is the New Black. “It’s just so exciting” says Foondos, “You never know what is going to happen next!”

“If all of Netflix’s original series are like this, I want to watch them all!” added Sears.


Up until summer of this year, the original series’ have been primarily live-action. But that all changed when the critically acclaimed animated Netflix original Bojack Horseman dropped and had subscribes enticed. It’s thrilling storytelling and goofy scenarios add variety to Orange is the New Black’s dark themes and adult situations, appealing to wider audiences and acquiring more and more Netflix subscribers with their originals.

Netflix wooed subscribers from the start with their revolutionary instant streaming services, and have continued to deliver with their originals. How will they reward their subscribers next? Free popcorn with every viewing? Perhaps integrating the silent films of the early 1920s into their ques? Who knows, their subscribers will just have to wait.


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