Track or Treat: Scientists Respond to Ebola Cases and Hope to Prevent Outbreak

Situation Map: Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

By Branson Kane & Eric Grant
Staff Writers

It is no doubt a lot of people have heard of the recent Ebola outbreak, but how common is it?  There is a 50 to 90% rate of death for Ebola patients. Ebola, the disease that begins with cold-like symptoms, has been getting a lot of press recently. And for understandable reasons; the disease, with origins in West Africa, has migrated as widely as Texas and Spain.

The disease has some scientists in a frenzy to try to track or treat it. In a recent article by the LA Times, David Willman writes, “Several scientists say they think it’s possible Ebola could spread through…approximately 3,400 people.” There is no cure for Ebola; however, it is treatable.

Although the thought of a worldwide outbreak is frightening, NBC writers Bill Briggs and Maggie Fox write, “If you [wash hands and stay clean], properly you can shut down any outbreak”. Ebola also isn’t a virus that can is airborne; unless you are in contact with the bodily fluids of the infected patient, you won’t contract the deadly disease.


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