ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and CA Drought

By Anna Cole
Staff Writer

The ALS bucket challenge is an act of pouring ice water on your head to spread awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is most common in people 50 to 70 years of age and affects the spinal cord and brain cells.

The challenge has swept the nation, and even celebrities, like Will Smith, have not backed down from the challenge.

Yet, California has been experiencing an historic drought. With residents of California participating, it raises some important questions about the challenge: is it a threat to our water supply? Should people be wasting water as much as they are?

Lake Oroville is one of the biggest signs of the drought, and despite conservation efforts the lakes and rivers seem unchanged.

The same view of Lake Oroville, pictured in July 2011 in the top photo and in January 2014 in the bottom photo. Image courtesy of

Though the ALS videos are entertaining to watch, and it is nice to have awareness and support for ALS, they are not helping the drought situation in California. Californians should find a different way to get the word out about ALS that is not at the expense of our water supply.


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