Is Social Media Socially Destructive?

Social Media Icons
It’s been 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, marking the advent of social media. Consider this: has our social landscape changed for the better?

By Kyle Rairdon
Entertainment Editor

February 4, 2004. A young man by the name of Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, Inc., on this date, starting a snowball effect of social media outlets that would reshape the next generation’s way of life. A new site allowing users to create a profile and connect around the world with their “friends.” Not only was this site a form of communication and a way to make connections socially, but it also provided a form of entertainment for users, classifying it as media. Social media. A craze that would take the world by storm for the next ten years.

Throughout the years Facebook has updated and remade the site dozens of times, keeping up with these times where Twitter and Instagram dominate the social media platform. With a user base of approximately 271 million, Twitter is a fast evolving site and app, founded in 2006, that is now much more often used among the high-school-aged demographic than the original social media outlet of Facebook. With a lot of activity and only 140 characters maximum to read per tweet, the fast-paced teenage public seems to love the idea of this site. Instagram, a photo sharing app, is another insanely popular and rapidly growing social media outlet, founded in 2010.

With the evolution of these sites and the creation of more, social media has gone from a small creation to arguably the most trending topic of conversation of this young generation. Yet as cool as this shared factor and common topic of conversation is, there are many dangers associated with these sites. Posting all of your information on a public profile can make you susceptible to identity theft. Criminals, too, are using information from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at an alarming rate.

Another negative aspect of the constant posting, tweeting, and double tapping is the vortex of hashtags and captions that has altered our daily life. Sliding into someone’s DMs is the new way to flirt, prompting awkward real life conversations between otherwise talkative online partners. This new kind of relationship is followed by a tangled web of potential drama, such as an accidental Instagram or a subtweet gone wrong. Our social media, is taking over our social lives.

With positive and negative connotations alike, social media has changed our lives and social contact significantly. And all I have to say to this ridiculous and overbearing obsession with online social outlets is…Follow me on Twitter.


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