Haters Gonna Hate


By Zoe Bonfield
Opinion Editor

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous and talented artists of pop music for this generation. This has not always been the case however. At the start of her career, Swift was almost entirely a country music artist, but now more than eight years later, she has transformed her sound into something entirely different, and identifies herself as a pop artist. And with a new album coming out on October 27th, named after her birth-year 1989, it will be interesting to see how her devoted fans react to the changes.

Swift released one song (and music video) off the album, Shake it Off, in mid-August to promote 1989, and it rose to the number one song on iTunes almost immediately. That type of success is not uncommon for Taylor Swift, as most of her recent releases were at the top of the  iTunes chart for a long time. However, this song is different from her usual songs about love, boys, and break-ups. Instead, she promotes being yourself and ignoring the players, haters, heart-breakers, and fakers and to just shake it off. As an inspiration and role model to young people throughout the world, she is promoting a positive message that we can expect to carry over into the other 12 songs on the album. Now all there is to do is to wait until October 27th to see what the great Taylor Swift has in store for the world.


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